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Home: For a lost soldier was our second community history and theatre project marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of the First World War. Once again, we collaborated with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the First World War Engagement Centres to deliver a six-month project exploring life for the soldiers returning home at the end of the war. The project concluded with a sell-out performance of a devised play at The Albany Theatre, London and The Arts Theatre, London West-End. It will soon be returning to the West-End in December 2018 at The Tristan Bates Theatre.

Latest News:

We are extremely pleased to be mentioned in the recent Convent Garden’s Magazine. Please do check it out.


After receiving more than 239 applicants and auditioning some amazing Actors we have chosen Holly Kellingray to take over the part of Isabelle.

Performance Dates:

Monday 10th December – Saturday 15th December 2018

Performances: 7.30 pm

At the Tristan Bates Theatre, London West-End

Tickets: £15 / £12 (Concessions)


Box Office: 020 3841 6611

or click here: 

The Story:

Home: for a lost soldier is a story of one small community surrounded by the Rochester estate in the aftermath of the First World War. It centres around a small group of local men and their families and how they coped after they returned home. As well as exploring issues of metal health, disability, unemployment, women’s rights and shell-shock; it is also a story of murder, love, class and finding the strength to carry on.

Education and Support Materials:

The following materials were researched and created by our original project members and are free to use. They will download as a word document:


“THE END OF THE WAR!” – A newspaper article from the Guardian Newspaper.



“Weapon Warfare: Poisonous Gas” – A brief outline article



“How deadly was poisonous Gas on the battlefield?”



“Shell-Shock: An information pack”



“Physical disability: How were the wounded soldiers looked after”



“The Women’s Role during and after the war and the women’s vote”



“Court-marshal: A brief outline”



“War memorials: How are the fallen remembered today?”

Home TB Theatre Official Poster Artwork-

Short films:

As part of our research we created some short films to share what we had learnt about some of the key issues explored in our project. These short films were then used as part of our production. These short films are free to use for educational purposes.

Feedback from our audience members and project members:

"An absolutely wonderful performance from everyone involved" (Kelly Barnes, audience member) 

"Gripping with outstanding performances from all." (Gemma White, audience member) 

"Terrific play - a must see!" (Harris, audience member)

"A pleasure to work with the team and be part of this worthwhile project." (Damian McComb) 

"Home is such an interesting and worthwhile project produced by a well-organised abd amazing company." (Ron Phillips, Artistic Director, Barons Court) 

"A fantastic project. I'm so honoured to be part of it." (Kate Bryan, menber) 

"Simply wonderful. Alfie James Productions just keeps getting better and better." (Jason Morris, audience member) 

"Raw emotions in a touching story!" (Jone Ferris, audience member) 

"So grateful to have been part of this wonderful journey." (Martin Challinor, member) 

"Loved it! You all nailed it!" (Ben Hewitt, audience member) 

"Such an important project, a beautiful play created by a fantastic team. Much love to you all." (Keith Barnes, audience member) 

"A rare glimpse of a part of history often forgotten which explores important issues including mental health, shell shock, women's rights and unemployment" (Jenny Anderson, audience member) 

"The best play I've ever seen" (Rachel Totham, audience member) 

"Thank you to Alfie for believing in me and for giving me this wonderful opportunty and to the rest of the team for making me feel part of thr family" (Melissa Kathryn Rose, member) 

"I feel both humble and blessed to have been part of this amazing project" (Jordan Whitby, member) 

"A real treat given to us by a talented writer!" (Carl White, audience member) 

"A brilliant production overall. It was flawless. A polished script: informative, engaging, gripping, sensitive which told human stories; great direction, superb performances by everyone, a great lighting design by Jake Newton which was simple, but hugely effective without being too invasive to the production. A priduction fit for a longer run!" (Andrew Carter-Bell, audience member) 

"It was clear that everyone had researched their roles perfectly." (Sharon Lawson, audience member) 

"A fabulous top-notch production overall created by a talented team led by Alfie James and Jake Newton. This team is one to watch. I can't wait to see what they do next together." (Chris Edwards, audience member) 

"Alfie James Productions is quickly becoming a really interesting company which champions accessibility to the arts and inspiring rich learning of our heritage." (Dr Finlay Jones, audience member) 

"Nail-biting from start to finish. I nearly didn't have any fingers left" (Sonia Fenton, audience member) 

"I loved the simplistic style of storytelling and acting and the use if short films." (Paul Campbell, audience member)

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