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Making theatre accessible for the working class

"Alfie James Productions is committed to exploring new and old performance techniques. Through our workshops, projects and productions we aim to foster opportunities to question and to experiment with performance theorgy and techniques in order to challenge ideas and concepts to enhance our performances."

Is theatre becoming just a rich man's club?


With ticket prices continuing to increase in both West-End and regional theatre, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for people on low income to experience going to the theatre and viewing live art and entertainment. This growing problem has been heavily documented in articles in the Stage newspaper and the Independent newspaper in more recent times. Yet, despite the warning signs little seems to being done to tackle he problem and the risk of isolating the working class from attending the theatre is becoming more a common trend in our society and does not seem to be disappearing.

What are we posing to do?

Alfie James Productions will be using our 2019 season to explore ways in which we can make theatre more accessible to the working class and those becoming isolated from the theatre and from experiencing live art. 

We hope to identify ways in which we can encourage people on a low income to engage in theatre performances. (Particularly families, lone parents and the elderly)

What are we going explore?

-The theatre as a venue. Can theatre be created anywhere?

-The cost of creating a live performance: Does theatre have to be reliant on special effects? 

-The cost of ticket prices?

-The Marketing strategy: How can we engage families on a low income? How can we encourage Lone parents to bring their children? How can we make theatre accessible for the elderly? 

Articles and Research

"The Actor: Audience Relationship: The Hideaway Observation"

"The Actor: Audience Relationship: A Complete Study"

"Using Performance to support those affected by mental health issues"

Development Plan 2018 -2019

In 2019 we are aiming to Identify ways of making theatre more accessible for people on a low income. 

Get in touch 

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