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The Story Box Community Theatre Project

The Story-Box Theatre Project is a new project designed especially for adults aged 55 and over. Through weekly workshops and special one off events we will explore the art of oral storytelling through fun, practical performance techniques before working towards regular small public performances. 

Project aims:

-To use performance techniques to support older members of the community to remain both physically and mentally active within the community.

-Explore the art of oral storytelling through performance skills.

-Use performance skills to offer sensitive support to those suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's and Depression by capturing memories and keeping stories alive.  

-Support the elevation of isolation within older people and loneliness.  

A Short film about our project:


"Alfie listens and involves everyone. His positivity is a rarity and his patience a god send. Thank you to the library for allowing the project to be run there." (Miriam) 

Exploring oral storytelling skills 

In the digital age, when we tend to communicate via the abbreviated shorthand of texting and social media posts, it’s easy to lose touch with the instinct that had our ancestors spinning yarns around the campfire and passing down oral histories.


What techniques do we explore?


*Use of tone in your voice

*Change the volume and speed of your voice

*Use props to help tell your story

*Making sure there’s a beginning, middle and an end to your story

*Use music to add to your story

*Use descriptive language to help paint a picture in your listeners minds

*Use repetitive words and phrases to encourage your listener to join in

*Use your body language and facial expressions.


Most importantly -



Reminiscence theatre


Reminiscence theatre is about seeing and realizing the dramatic potential in real life stories. It takes verbatim memories as the basis for our activities and work using the experiences of older people as a source. We will use the following techniques to explore the art of Reminiscence Theatre and the preservation of memories:




-Newspaper articles

-Radio and film archives  

-Paintings and artwork

-Music and songs


-Objects / Artifacts



-Oral Storytelling

-Books and other stories



Our projects:

The Epping Essex Project


When? Friday's 1.30-3.00pm 


Epping Hall

St John's Road



CM16 5JU

Membership? Free


Please email us at to book a place 

The Wanstead Project


When? New project starting Oct 2020


Wanstead Library, Spratt Hall Rd, London E11 2RQ

Membership? Free

The Brentwood Project 

When? Mondays 7.30-8.30pm 

Where: Online via ZOOM

Membership: Free

Please email us at to book a place 

"This project and Alfie have been amazing. They have been really supportive and patient. I have made some wonderful friends and never would I have dreamed that I would be on stage performing and enjoying it too!" (Tippi) 


Take a look at our videos 

We are extremely thankful for the following support in helping us to run our projects: 

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Development Plan 2020 -2021:

In 2020 we plan to explore ways in which we can offer support to older members of the local community by using our skills as performers. We aim to find ways of elevating isolation, entrenchment and loneliness among the elderly and encouraging them to remain both physically and mentally active.  

Get in touch 

To contact us please email us at:

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