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Projects & Community engagement
Alfie James Productions are committed to creating projects which uses performance skills to explore social issues and supports positive social change. Where ever possible we will develop opportunities to engage with communities and work together to learn and develop new skills and to aim towards crating long term positive and sustainable difference to communities through performance and creativity. 
Our projects generally work using the following format:
1. Identify & Engage - Identifying a key issues or idea to explore. We will then engage with other artists, organisations and members of the community to work with. 
2. Spotlight - We will then put the issue/idea or concept under the spotlight. Through workshops, investigation and rehearsals we will explore and learn together.
3. Collaborate & Devise - In many of our projects we will then work together to apply what we have learnt to devising a performance.
4. Perform - Our performance will consolidate and share what we have learnt from the project.
5. Evaluate - Quite often a stage which we run throughout the whole of our projects from the outset. At the final stage we will then collect all of our findings together to summarize the impact which our project has had and explore the long term sustainability of the project.  
Alfie James Productions is a not-for-profit organisation and a small charity. Our projects and community work is relilant upon funding, donations and support in kind. 
If you would like to make a donation to our work then please get in touch.

Get in touch 

To contact us please email us at:

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