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Please ensure that you check the venue and date carefully before booking your tickets

Important information


Please be aware that due to the Covid 19 outbreak and the current restrictions in place we have postponed all our public performances until further notice. We are currently working with our venues to confirm new dates once it is safe to do so.


In the meantime, we are adapting the way in which we can continue to create performances by developing audio recordings of performances for you to listen to for free. 


Stay safe – stay at home

Current production 

“My Boy Danny” is the new play by award-winning West-End Writer, Actor and Director Alfie James. Every night Ange stands by the window looking out with the hope to see her son one last time looking up at her from across the road. Instead every night for the past eleven months there’s been a shadow standing there in his place. Desperate for answers, Ange lets the shadow in.


Rory is just a regular awkward teenage boy. Or at least he was until that night when it all went wrong. Desperate to tell his story and to reach out to a woman he’d never met but knew so much about.


This is a special audio performance of the play recorded raw over zoom during the Covid:19 Virus lockdown by the cast.



Kitty Whitley as Ange

Ben Kinsman as Rory

and Atarah as Leah


*Contains moderate bad language. Recommended age suitability: 11 +

Key themes:

#knifecrime #youthgangcrime #gayhatecrime #comingofage

“Forgive me, sir. But you look at me as if you have some dread of me…as if you have seen a ghost.”


Five years before Charles Dickens died, he was involved in an horrific train accident. Owing to a signalman’s negligence, ten were killed and forty injured. Dickens was traumatised by this incident, lost his voice for two weeks afterwards and avoided trains with phobic anxiety thereafter. This caused him to write The Signalman, a powerful and haunting short story.


Award-winning Writer Alfie James has teamed up with award-winning disabled Actor Mark Beer and up and Actor Ben Kinsman to create a new audio-play adaptation of the classic ghost story. When the narrator of Dicken’s masterful ghost story climbs down into a lonely railway siding on a whim, he finds himself in ‘as solitary and dismal a place as ever he has ever seen. His misgivings turn out to be justified, for the signalman who lives there has a dark and alarming secret which will change the narrators life forever.


This is a special free stripped back and raw lockdown performance recorded and edited from their living rooms via Zoom.



Older Journalist – Mark Beer

Journalist – Ben Kinsman

And Alfie James As

“The Signalman”


Written by Charles Dickens

Adapted & Directed by Alfie James

Key themes: #Ghoststory #isolation #uncertainty #fear #madness #trust #respect 

Your feedback


"****5/5 This is remarkable piece of theatre! Even thou it’s a form of radio theatre I was completely taken by the story and wonderful acting and was brought to tears on numerous of occasion. Music and editing worked tremendously well and it’s absolutely amazing! The writing is punchy and rich in emotions and the story extremely relevant. Amazing! Congratulations to everyone involved with My Boy Danny- great job!"

Nena Robertson


" *****5/5 Just listened to it and it's amazing well-done Alfie and well done to your friends too. Seriously it's really good and it really grips you in and makes you wanna carry on listening. I loved it"

Bethany Davey


"*****5/5 I wanna be your rude man!! Another flippin gold gem from Alfie! A must listen fir an awesome cast too!"

Richard Webb

"***** 5/5 I loved the Normal monologue. Brought me to tears. Kitty at her best!"

Madeleine Ockendon


"*****5/5 Two friends on a perfect summer day. What a monologue! Ben Kinsman nailed it!" Jonny Sinclare

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