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The Legacy Theatre Project is an exciting project aimed at creating opportunities to bring history alive through performance techniques and to inspire people to learn about their heritage. We aim to set up small projects to explore different periods of history, famous historical figures, events and stories whilst learning new historical enquiry skills and supporting ways of recording our heritage for future generations to share and use.


Our Core Aims:


  1. Develop opportunities for people to learn historical enquiry skills.

  2. Use performance techniques to explore and research the past.

  3. Collaborate with local historians, museums and organisations.

  4. Develop ways to engage with the public and to inspire them to learn about their heritage.

  5. Explore ways of sharing and archiving information for others to use.

  6. Use performance techniques to bring history alive on stage through oral storytelling, films and stage plays.

Development Plan 2018-19

We are committed to creating the Legacy Theatre Project and beginning to develop small community projects whilst forming new links with Historians, Artists and organisations. 

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